Online Marketing

Online Marketing goes hand in hand with Offline Marketing. Effectively integrating Offline Marketing efforts with digital media increases the Brand reach and visibility. Also keeping the basic Brand proposition same throughout all the media keeps Brand equity intact.

Right from offline marketing Collateral development to building digital media content, we help our clients in right content distribution and placement across all media.

In Digital Media, we achieve this with:


Social Media Marketing: 

Every platform has its own USP and has its own target audience. Depending upon Brand, product and Target Audience, It’s important to choose right platform to achieve a particular marketing goal. Though Brand equity can be same on all social media platforms, but how we use the media to send the message across to the target audience can differ and strategies can be different.

By understanding the marketing goal, we help our clients in achieving right traction from right social media platform which is in line with the client’s objective. We help in developing right creatives and content which matches the marketing goal along with running advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the powerful way to connect with new audience. World Wide web is full of content. Right reference of your website at a right place and a great user experience can lead to conversions.

SEO has many aspects such as user experience, Site structure, Site content, Quality Links, Trust, Location and Social Reputation. We help in optimizing all these aspects of your online business, so that your business can be rightly indexed by Search engines.

Content Marketing:

Quality Branded content is key in establishing Brand Authority. We help our clients in creating content for their Blogs and distributing them on different platforms. By understanding the marketing objective, we can develop relevant content in the form of Blog Posts, Whitepapers, e-Newsletter, Videos, Case studies, Microsites and eBooks.

PPC Management:

Setting up right keywords and writing effective Ad Copies can significantly affect the CTR. Once the traction is achieved, then a good and well-structured landing page can significantly improve the conversion rate.

We have an expertise in setting up the structured campaigns in line with the marketing Goal, backed by the analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign at regular intervals.