Making Most of your Digital Marketing

Making Most of your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has always been tricky. This is a one domain where I have seen Businesses generating great ROI with limited budget and some businesses not getting enough results despite of spending huge budget.

Though it comes with the ease of setting up campaigns from your Computer and setting up a payment method to put your ads online, but it’s important to understand and evaluate few points before diving into Digital Marketing.

Few aspects to consider are:

  1. Understand your WHY: Many Businesses fail in Digital Marketing is that they don’t define the WHY Clearly. Why you are choosing Facebook Marketing or going for Google AdWords. Why not go for Email – Marketing only. Or Why Online Marketing will be better than any other Offline Marketing activity to achieve their Marketing Goal.
  2. Define your Goals: If you are a small Business and working around with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords with limited budget, then it will be beneficial to be very clear about your Campaign Goal. You cannot achieve everything with single campaign. Clearly define the Goal. Write it down. For example, your Goal can be “driving students aged 18-23 years old in Waterloo to visit your Online Store”. This will help you in choosing right online marketing platform and location targeting for your campaign.
  3. Define Campaign Success Parameters: What will make your campaign successful? Set Realistic Goals and parameters. If your campaign objective is to drive sales, then how many sales in a month with your set budget will make your break even and makes you profitable.
  4. Measuring Results: How will you measure campaign results. Will you be using Analytics of Ad Platforms or will be using some third-party integrations? While deciding right analytics tool, keep your campaign goal in mind.

Once you are clear about your Online Campaigns, then use right expertise to launch it and don’t forget to evaluate the results in regular Intervals.

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